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Apr 23, 2013  AP Twitter hack prompts fresh look at cybersecurity needs   
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Apr 23, 2013  Social engineering in penetration tests: 6 tips for ethical (and legal) use
Story from NetworkWorld

Apr 24, 2013  Vulnerable terminal servers could let bad guys hack stoplights, gas pumps
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Apr 24, 2013  DHS use of deep packet inspection technology in new net security system raises serious privacy questions
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Apr 25, 2013  Senate committee limits government electronic surveillance
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Apr 25, 2013  Big data can be a big headache for data defenders
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Apr 25, 2013  Crypto guru: Don't blame users, get coders security training instead
Story from theRegister

Apr 26, 2013  LivingSocial gets hacked, 50 million users told to reset passwords
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