Rootkit Hunter release 1.4.2

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!! Important notices !! - Dates in this file are formatted as DD/MM/YYYY (European format) - The rkhunter configuration file (default /etc/rkhunter.conf) will not be overwritten when using the rkhunter installer,

unless specifically requested to do so (using the '--overwrite' option). Be sure you compare your existing configuration file against the one delivered in this package, in order to optimize the file for your machine. -- * 1.4.2 (24/02/2014) New: - The 'ssh', 'sshd' and 'telnet' commands are now checked as part of the file properties test. - It is now possible to include configuration files found in a local configuration directory. This directory, called 'rkhunter.d', must be in the same directory as the main configuration file. Only files ending in '.conf' will be treated as configuration files, all other files will be ignored. The configuration options found in the files will be merged with the options found in the main configuration file and the local configuration file, if present. Both the local configuration file, and the 'rkhunter.d' configuration files, will only
override a previously specified option if the option can only be specified once, or, for list options, if the null string is given. The installer will automatically include any configuration files to the file properties test. - A new configuration file option, 'SHOW_SUMMARY_WARNINGS_NUMBER', can be set so that the summary will display the actual
number of warnings found, rather than the default message which simply states that one or more warnings were found. If no warnings were found,
 then it will be stated that '0' warnings were found.


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