The change log lists 24 bug fixes, 29 changes and 18 new items.
Naming a few:

* Whitelist rootkit strings (RTKT_FILE_WHITELIST).

* Whitelist items not always present (EXISTWHITELIST).

* Whitelist combined pathname and port number (PORT_WHITELIST).

* Added Whirlpool and Ripemd160 hashes to file properties check.

* Support for DragonFly BSD.

* Support for Solaris OS package management.

* The 'suspicious files' check display each item individually.

* The '--enable' and '--disable' command-line options may now be specified more than once.

* Grsecurity-enabled systems may now run the network 'ports' test.

* Allow test names for the 'unhide' command (UNHIDE_TESTS).
    * Rootkit checks added: OS X Togroot and Boonana (Koobface.A) trojan,

    Solaris Wanuk backdoor and worm and Inqtana worm.

* Better support for *BSD commands and OS X.

For more details please see the CHANGELOG at*checkout*/rkhunter/rkhunter/files/CHANGELOG

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