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xfs파일시스템을 아주 좋아하는듯 보이는군요.. 저도 사용중이고 만족스럽네요.

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I have been using XFS file-system for all my Linux box for quite some time now.
Why? Because I personally feels it a bit faster than either ext2, ext3, or ReiserFS.
On top of that, XFS have some fancy features such as live file-system defragmenting.
Let's cover how to do that.

First, make sure you have the xfsdump utilities install. For Ubuntu, simply issue this

sudo apt-get install xfsdump
Then, optionally you can check how fragmented your file-system is by this command:

sudo xfs_db -r /dev/hda1
xfs_db> frag
actual 300086, ideal 299315, fragmentation factor 0.26%
xfs_db> quit
In my case, my root is /dev/hda1. You need to reply with the device node containing your file-system you want to check.

How to defragment? Simple. Just invoke this command:

sudo xfs_fsr -v /dev/hda1
/ start inode=0
extents before:2 after:1 DONE ino=1278965
extents before:2 after:1 DONE ino=2114947
extents before:2 after:1 DONE ino=254717564

That's it. See...you should really be using XFS


xfs_fsr man page.


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