Trustwave Acquires Breach Security and with it ModSecurity.

Trustwave가 ModSecurity를 인수(?)했단 Breach Security를 인수했다고 합니다. 규모도 훨씬 크고

개발 인력도 충분해 보인다는 얘기들이 많이 나오고 있습니다.

아래는 핵심적인 내용이 담긴 대화내용입니다.

Breach Security의 Brian Rectanus의 답변에 따르면 ModSecurity가 더 발전할 가능성이 높아졌다고

볼 수 있겠습니다 :)

> For those of you who do not already know, Trustwave has acquired Breach
> Security.  With this acquisition Trustwave has also acquired  ModSecurity.
> Congratulation! What does that mean for future CRS and ModSecurity development?

It means the support of a much bigger company behind ModSecurity. I'd love this to be able to expand the

community, get ModSecurity into more places and allow more research and development of some

long-desired features. It will take some time to get things moving, though.

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